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ID Título Materia Autor(Apellido) Año
Título Materia Autor(Apellido) Año
1 Some records concerning traumatism and malaria in Central America MALARIA, AMERICA CENTRAL Clark, H.C 1930
2 A preliminary report some parasites in the blood of wild monkey of Panama. MONOS-enfermedades, MONKEYS DISEASES, PARASITES BLOOD, MONO-parásitos, ANIMALES, PANAMA Clark, H.C 1930
3 Rearing the larvae of dermotobia hominis linn, in man. LARVAS, LARVASE Dunn, L. H. 1930
4 The Panama strains of human strongyloides. PARASITOLOGÍA, NEMATODAS, STRONGYLOIDES Faust, E. C. 1930
5 Ona series of placental stages of a platyrrhine monkey (Ateles geoffroyi) with some remarks upon age, sex and breeding period in platyrrhines. MALARIA, ANTIPALÚDICOS, ANIMALES Wislocki, G. B. 1930
6 The incidence and significance of infestation with Endamoeba histolytica in New Orleans and the American Tropics. PARASITOLOGÍA, AMEBAS, EPIDEMIOLOGÍA, PROTOZOAN INFECTIONS, INFESTACIÓN POR PARÁSITOS, ENDAMOEBA HISTOLYTICA, AMEBIASIS Faust, E. C. 1931
7 The practical and research value of mosquito traps. ENTOMOLOGÍA, MOSQUITOS-Trampas, CULICIDAE Batch, C. H. 1931
8 Recognition of Anopheles argyritarsis by the characteristics of the male Genitalia. ANOPHELES,MOSQUITOS Curry, D. P. 1931
9 Anopheles (Anopheles) neomaculipalpus. A new species of the Arribalzagaia group of Anopheles from Panama. ANOPHELES, MOSQUITOS, PANAMÁ Curry, D. P. 1931
10 Progress in the survey for blood parasites of the wild monkeys of Panama. ANIMALS, MONKEYS DISEASES, MONOS-enfermedades Clark, H. C. 1931
11 Experimental efforts to transfer monkey malaria to man. MONOS-enfermedades, MALARIA, MONKEYS DISEASES Clark, H. C; Dunn, L. H. 1931
12 Experimental transmission to man of relapsing fever spirochete in a wild monkey of Panama, Leontocebus geoffroyi (Pucheran). BACTERIOLOGÍA, PRIMATES, LEONTOCEBUS GEOFFROYI, ANIMALES, RELAPSING FEVER, PANAMA Benavides, J; Clark, H. C; Dunn, L. H. 1931
13 Chagas´ disease in Panama: Report of three cases. CHAGAS, TRIPANOSOMIASIS SURAMERICANA, PANAMA Miller, J. W. 1931
14 Human strongyloidiasis in Panama. PARASITOLOGÍA, STRONGYLOIDES, PANAMA Faust, E. C. 1931
15 A case of food poisoning apparently due to staphylococcus. FOOD POISONING, INTOXICACIÓN ALIMENTARIA, ESTAFILOCOCO, STAPHYLOCOCCUS Hall, J. R; Jordan, E. O. 1931
16 A simple method for collecting adult filarial parasites from muscle tissues of monkeys. FILARIASIS, HELMINTOLOGÍA VETERINARIA, PRIMATES, NEMATODAS Dunn, L. H. 1931
17 Notes on the tick Ornithodoros talaje (Guer). Infesting a house in the Canal zone. TICKS, GARRAPATAS, ORNITHODOROS Dunn, L. H. 1931
18 Investigations in Panama during the summer of 1930. AMEBIASIS, INVESTIGACIONES EN PANAMÁ Faust, E. C. 1931
19 Experimental efforts to transfer monkey malaria to man. MONOS-enfermedades, MALARIA, MONKEYS DISEASES Clark, H. C; Dunn, L. H. 1931
20 Some observations on the Nyssorhynchus group of the Anopheles (Culicidae) of Panama. ANOPHELES,CULICIDAE,NYSSORHYNCHUS,PANAMÁ,MOSQUITOS Curry, D. P. 1932
21 Observations on malaria incidence in some unsanitated river villages in the Republic of Panama, with special reference to proposed construction projects in the Canal zone. MALARIA, PANAMÁ Clark, H. C; Komp, W. H. W. 1932
22 Experimental studies on Chagas´disease in Panama. AMEBIASIS, TRYPANOSOMIASIS SOUTH AMERICAN, PANAMA Clark, H. C; Dunn, L. H. 1932
23 An effective method for collecting ectoparasites from live animals and birds. PÁJAROS,ECTOPARÁSITOS,BIRDS Dunn, L. H. 1932
24 A simple method of immobilizing animals for laboratory purposes. LABORATORIO-Animales, LABORATORY TECHNIQUES Dunn, L. H. 1932
25 Susceptibility of bats to infection with the horse Trypanosome, Trypanosoma hippicum darling in Panama. MURCIÉLAGOS, BATS,TRIPANOSOMIASIS EQUINA, CABALLOS, FLAGELLATES Dunn, L. H. 1932
26 Experimental in the transmission of Trypanosoma hippicum darling with the vampire bat, Desmodus rotundus murinus Wagner, as a vector in Panama. MURCIÉLAGOS, TRYPANOSOMIASIS EQUINA, BATS, PANAMA Dunn, L. H. 1932
27 Experimental studies on the malaria of monkeys MALARIA, PRIMATES, MONOS Taliaferro, W. H. 1932
28 The ocurrence of Brucella agglutinins in cattle in the Panama Canal zone. BRUCELLOSIS BOVINE, GANADO, PANAMÁ Jordan, E. O; McBroom, J. 1932
29 A new Culex, Culex vomerifer, from Panama (Diptera, Culicidae). CULEX,DIPTERA, CULICIDAE,PANAMÁ, MOSQUITOS Komp, W. H. W. 1932
30 A second year´s observations on malaria in some unsanitated Chagres river villages with special reference to the use of quinine and plasmochin. MALARIA, ANTIMALARIALS Clark, H. C; Komp, W. H. W. 1932
31 Amebiasis in Panama and California with special reference to incidence and treatment. PARASITOLOGÍA, AMEBIASIS, PROTOZOAN INFECTIONS, INFESTACIÓN POR PARÁSITOS, PANAMÁ, CALIFORNIA Anderson, H. H. 1932
32 Host-parasite relation in experimental amebiasis in monkeys in Panama. AMEBIASIS, PRIMATES, LABORATORY INFECTION, PROTOZOAN INFECTIONS, INFESTACIÓN POR PARÁSITOS, MONOS Hegner, R; Johnson, C. M; Stabier, R. M. 1932
33 Studies on Amoebiasis in Panama. AMEBIASIS, PANAMÁ Hegner, R. 1932
34 The ocurrence of Microfilaria ozzardi in Panama. FILARIASIS, MICROFILARIA OZZARDI, PARÁSITOS McCoy, O. R. 1933
35 A new Culex from Panama (Diptera, Culicidae). CULEX,MOSQUITOS, PANAMA Curry, D. P; Komp, W. H. W. 1933
36 Two new species of ticks from Panama (Amblyomma tapirellum and A. pecarium) GARRAPATAS, TICKS, PANAMA Dunn, L. H. 1933
37 Notes on relapsing fever in Panama with special reference to animal host. RELAPSING FEVER, TICKS, FIEBRE RECURRENTE, GARRAPATAS, PANAMA Clark, H. C; Dunn, L. H. 1933
38 Animal susceptibility to Trypanosoma hippicum, the equine trypanosome of Panama; with special reference to cattle as an unharmed host. TRIPANOSOMIASIS BOVINE, ANIMALS DOMESTIC, HORSE DISEASES, CABALLO-enfermedad Clark, H. C; Dunn, L. H. 1933
39 Equine Trylanosomiasis ´murrina´ or ´derrengadera´. Some notes on the disease in Panama. TRYPANOSOMIASIS EQUINE Casserly T. L; Clark, H. C; Gladish, I. O. 1933
40 Observations on the carnivorous habits of the spear-nosed bat, Phylostomus hastatus panamensis Allen, in Panama. ANIMALES, BATS, MURCIÉLAGOS, PANAMA Dunn, L. H. 1933
41 Observations on the host selection of Ornithodoros talaje Guern., in Panama GARRAPATAS, TICKS Dunn, L. H. 1933
42 A natural infection of Trypanosoma cruzi chagas found in Rhodnius pallescens barber in Panama. TRYPANOSOMIASIS SUDAMERICANA ,REDUVIDAE, FLAGELLATES, FLAGELADOS Dunn, L. H. 1933
43 Taliaferria clarki, a new genus and species of ciliate from Cecum of the red spider monkey, Ateles geoffroyi Kuhl. MONKEYS DISEASES,MONOS-enfermedades Hegner, R; Rees, Ch. W. 1933
44 A new snake from Panama. SERPIENTES-Panamá, HERPETOLOGIA, ANIMALES Dunn, L. H. 1933
45 Entomological investigations in the Chiriqui región of Panama. ENTOMOLOGÍA,ENTOMOLOGY,CHIRIQUÍ,PANAMÁ Dunn, L. H. 1934
46 Atypical Yaws. YAWS, TREPONEMATOSIS Wilson, P. W. 1934
47 A third year´s observation in Panama, with special reference to control with Atabrine. ANTIMALARIALS, ATABRINE, ANTIPALÚDICO Clark, H. C; Komp, W. H. W. 1934
48 Prevalence and importance of the tropical warble fly, Dermatobia hominis Linn., in Panama. WARBLE-FLIES,INFESTACIÓN POR LARVAS,GUSANO DEL GANADO,MOSCA DE LOS BOVINOS,DERMOTOBIA HOMINIS Dunn, L. H. 1934
49 Notes on the ocurrence of Gigantor hynchusechinodiscus diesing in the anteater of Panama. ANIMALES,PANAMA Dunn, L. H. 1934
50 Breeding of Anopheline mosquitoes among aquatic vegetation of Gatun lake, accompanied by periodic long flights of A. albimanus wied. ANOPHELES, MOSQUITOS, BEHAVIOR ANIMAL, CONDUCTA ANIMAL Curry, D. P. 1934
51 Notes on the water lettuce, Pistia stratiotes Linn., as a nursery of insect life. ENTOMOLOGÍA,ENTOMOLOGY Dunn, L. H. 1934
52 The transmission of Plasmodium falciparum to the howler monkey, Alouatta sp. I-General nature of the infections and morphology of the parasites. LABORATORY INFECTION,PLASMODIUM FALCIPARUM,MONKEYS,MONOS Taliaferro, L. G; Taliaferro, W. H. 1934
53 Superinfection and protective experiments with Plasmodium brasilianum in monkeys. PLASMODIUM BRASILIANUM, MONKEYS DISEASES, MONOS-enfermedades Taliaferro, L. G; Taliaferro, W. H. 1934
54 Alteration in the time of sporulation od Plasmodium brasilianum in monkeys by reversal of light and dark. LABORATORY INFECTION, PLASMODIUM FALCIPARUM, MONKEYS, MONOS Taliaferro, L. G; Taliaferro, W. H. 1934
55 Morphology, periodicity and course of infection of Plasmodium brasilianum in panamanian monkeys. LABORATORY INFECTION,PLASMODIUM FALCIPARUM,MONKEYS,MONOS Taliaferro, L. G; Taliaferro, W. H. 1934
56 Comments and procedure on thick blood film technic. LABORATORY TECHNIQUES, T ÉCNICAS DE LABORATORIO, BLOOD Benavides, J. 1934
57 Notes on intestinal flora in the tropics. INSTESTINAL SECRETIONS,FLORA INTESTINAL Jordan, E. O; McBroom, L. 1934
58 Complement fixation, precipitin, adhesion, mercuric chloride and wasserman test in equine trypanosomiasis of Panama (Murrina). LABORATORY TECHNIQUES, TRYPANOSOMIASIS EQUINE, TÉCNICAS DE LABORATORIO, PANAMA Taliaferro, L. G; Taliaferro, W. H. 1934
59 Notes on the reduviid bug, Eratyrus cuspidatus Stal., naturally infected with Trypanosoma cruzi chagas found in Panama. FLAGELLATES SOUTH AMERICAN, REDUVIDAE, TRYPANOSOMIASIS, FLAGELADOS SURAMERICANOS, PANAMA Dunn, L. H. 1934
60 Attempsts to transmit Trypanosoma cruzi with ticks of the genus ornithodoros. FLAGELLATES,TICKS,TRYPANOSOMA,FLAGELADOS,GARRAPATAS Dunn, L. H. 1934
61 Notes on the little buldog bat. Dirias albinventer minor (Osgood) in Panama BATS, MURCIÉLAGOS, PANAMA Dunn, L. H. 1934
62 Ticks from tapirs of Panama. ANIMALES,TAPIRS-Panamá Dunn, L. H. 1934
63 Incidence of yaws and syphilis in five rural villages, Republic of Panama. YAWS,TREPONEMATOSIS Wilson, P. W. 1934
64 The incidence of Tonsillar tuberculosis. (Read August 17, 1922, before the Medical Association of the Isthmian Canal Zone). TUBERCULOSIS Clark, H. C. 1934
65 An improved technique for mounting mosquito larvae. LABORATORY TECHNIQUES, CULICIDAE, TÉCNICAS DE LABORATORIO, MOSQUITOS Buckner, J. F. 1934
66 The Gorgas Memorial Laboratory and problems engaging its attention. TROPICAL MEDICINE, LABORATORIO CONMEMORATIVO GORGAS Clark, H. C. 1934
67 An outbreak of food poisoning apparently caused by a new serologic type of Salmonella, (S. panama). SALMONELLA, BACTERIAS, FOOD POISONING, INTOXICACIÓN ALIMENTARIA Jordan, E. O. 1934
68 Specificity in the genus Balantidium based on the size and shape of body and macronucleus, with description of six new species. PROTOZOARIOS Hegner, R. 1934
69 Medical research. 1932-1933. Report of the sub-committee. (Symposium on malaria-part 3). ANTIMALARIALS,MALARIA,ANTIPALÚDICO Clark, H. C. 1934
70 The transmission of Plasmodium falciparum to the howler monkey, Aloatta sp. II-Cellular reactions. LABORATORY INFECTION, PLASMODIUM FALCIPARUM, MONKEYS, MONOS Cannon, P. R; Taliaferro, W. H. 1934
71 Notes on Helminths from Panama. I-Taxorchis shistocotyle (Fischoeder, 1901), from the panamanian capybara, Hydrochoerus isthmus Goldman, 1912. NEMATODAS,HELMINTOS,VETERYNARY HELMINTHOLOGY,FILARIASIS Faust, E. C. 1935
72 A fourth year's observations on malaria in Panama, with reference to control with Atabrine and Plasmochin. MALARIA,ATABRINE, PLASMOCHIN, ANTIMALARIALS, ANTIPALÚDICOS Clark, H. C; Komp, W. H. W. 1935
73 Infection of Anopheles Bachmani, Petrocchi, with Plasmodium vivax, Grassi and Feletti, and observations on the bionomics of the mosquito. ANOPHELES,BEHAVIOR ANIMAL,LABORATORY INFECTION,CONDUCTA ANIMAL,MOSQUITOS,INFECCIÓN DE LABORATORIO Rozeboom, L. E. 1935
74 The cattle reservoir for Equine Trypanosomiasis in Panama. Additional notes of the subject. ANIMALS DOMESTIC, ANIMALES DOMÉSTICOS Benavides, J; Clark, H. C. 1935
76 A rapid technique for iron-hematoxylin staining requiring no microscopic control of decolorization. LABORATORY TECHNIQUES,TÉCNICAS DE LABORATORIO Johnson, C. M. 1935
77 Notes on the validity of the types of the species in the sub-genera Mochlostyrax and Melanoconion in the United States National Museum (Diptera, Culicidae). CULEX, MOSQUITOS Komp, W. H. W. 1935
78 Culex Jubifer, a new species of culex from Panama (Diptera: Culicidae). CULEX, MOSQUITOS, PANAMA Brown, C. G; Komp, W. H. W. 1935
79 Culex rooti, a new Culex from Panama (Diptera, Culicidae). CULEX, MOSQUITOS, PANAMA Rozeboom, L. E. 1935
80 Trout fishing in the tropics. Rainbow trout in the rio Chiriqui, Viejo Panama. FISHES FRESHWATER, PEZ DE AGUA DULCE Hildebrand, S. F. 1935
81 Influence of carbohydrates on intestinal protozoa in vitro and in vivo. CARBOHYDRATES, PROTOZOA, CARBOHIDRATOS, PROTOZOOS INTESTINALES Eskridge, L; Hegner, R. 1935
82 The use of aqueous smears in the study and identification of the Amoebae of man. AMOEBA, AMEBAS Hakansson, E. G. 1935
83 Malaria and mosquito survey at Caripito and Quiriquire, Venezuela, South America. MALARIA, MOSQUITOS Komp, W. H. W. 1935
84 Notes on Helminths fron Panama. II-Rare human nemtode eggs in the feces of individuals from Chagres river, Panama. individuals from Chagres river, Panama. PARASITOLOGÍA, HELMINTOS,VETERINARY HELMINTOLOG, PARASITOLOG, NEMATODAS, PARÁSITOS Faust, E. C; Martínez, R. 1935
85 Notes on Helminths from Panama. III-Filarial infection in the marmosets, Leontocebus geoffroyi (Pucheran) and Saimiri orstedii orstedii (Reinhardt) in Panama. FILARIASIS, NEMATODAS, VETERINARY HELMINTHOLOGY, PARÁSITOS, PANAMA Faust, E. C. 1935
86 Further observations on prenatal hookworm infection of dogs. ANIMALS DOMESTIC, HOOKWARMS, VETERINARY HELMINTHOLOGY, ANCYLOSTOMA, ANIMALES DOMÉSTICOS, PERROS-infestación por anquilostoma Foster, A. O. 1935
87 Further studies on the effect of a generally deficient diet upon the resistance of dogs to Hookwom infestation. VETERINARY HELMINTHOLOGY, PERROS-infestación por anquilostoma Cort, W. W; Foster, A. O. 1935
88 The immunity of dogs to Ancylostoma caninum. ANIMALS DOMESTIC, IMMUNITY,VETERINARY HELMINTOLOGY, ANCYLOSTOMA, ANIMALES DOMÉSTICOS, PERROS,I MMUNIDAD, PERROS-infestación por anquilostoma Foster, A. O. 1935
89 Behavior of red spider monkeys in Panama. BEHAVIOR ANIMAL, CONDUCTA ANIMAL, MONOS- Conducta Carpenter, C. R. 1935
90 Intestinal protozoa from Panama monkeys. PROTOZOAN INFECTION, MONOS- infección por protozos Hegner, R. 1935
91 The vampire bat. A presentation of undescribed habits and review of its history. BATS, BEHAVIOR ANIMAL, MURCIÉLAGOS, CONDUCTA ANIMAL Ditmars, R. L; Greenhall, A. M. 1935
92 A fifth year´s observations on malaria in Panama with reference to the facture of Atabrine to control an epidemic. ANTIMALARIALS, ATABRINE, ANTIPALUDICO Clark, H. C; Komp, W. H. W. 1936
93 Further studies on the transmission Trypanosoma hippicum Darling by the vampire bat Desmodus rotundus murinus Wagner. MURCIÉLAGOS, BATS, FLAGELLATES, TRYPANOSOMIASIS EQUINE, FLAGELADOS Johnson, C. M. 1936
94 A natural infection of Trypanosoma hippicum darling in the vampire bat Desmodus rotundus murinus Wagner. BATS, FLAGELLATES, TRYPANOSOMIASIS EQUINE, MURCIÉLAGOS, FLAGELADOS Johnson, C. M. 1936
95 Dientamoeba fragilis: a cause of Illness. Report of case. PROTOZOAN INFECTIONS,DIENTAMOEBA FRAGILIS,INFECCIÓN POR PROTOZOOS Hakansson, E. G. 1936
96 The cellular reactions during primary infections and superinfections of Plasmodium brasilianum in panamanian monkeys. BLOOD, CELLS ,MONKEYS, LABORATORY INFECTION, INFECCIÓN DE LABORATORIO, MONOS-infecciones Cannon, P. R; Taliaferro, W. H. 1936
97 Filarial parasites of the monkeys of Panama. FILARIASIS, NEMATODAS, MONOS-parásitos Mccoy, O. R. 1936
98 Recent research on prophylaxis and treatment of malaria. Report for 1935. MALARIA Clark, H. C. 1936
99 An annotated list of the mosquitoes found in the vicinity of an endemic focus yellow fever in the Republic of Colombia. CULICIDAE, YELLOW FEVER, MOSQUITOS, FIEBRE AMARILLA, COLOMBIA Komp, W. H. W. 1936
100 The male and larva of Aedes dominicii Rangel and Romero Sierra, and the male of Aedes pseudodominicii sp. nov., representatives of a new sub-genus (Soperia) of the genus Aedes, from Colombia. CULICIDAE, AEDES DOMIINICII RANGEL, MOSQUITOS, COLOMBIA Komp, W. H. W. 1936
101 Description of nine new species of Culex, seven from Panama and two from Venezuela (Diptera, Culicidae). CULEX, MOSQUITOS Komp, W. H. W. 1936
102 The larva and adult of Culex rooti Rozeboom. CULEX, MOSQUITOS Rozeboom, L. E. 1936
103 The rearing of Anopheles albimanus Wiedemann, in the laboratory. ANOPHELES, LABORATORY TECHNIQUES,TÉCNICAS DE LABORATORIO, MOSQUITOS Rozeboom, L. E. 1936
104 Triatoma dimidiata Latr., found naturally infected with Trypanosoma cruzi chagas in Panama. FLAGELLATES, REDUVIDAE, TRYPANOSOMIASIS SOUTH AMERICAN, CHAGAS, FLAGELADOS Rozeboom, L. E. 1936
105 Six new cases of chagas disease in Panama with review of previous cases. CHAGAS, TRIPANOSOMIASIS  AMERICANA Johnson, C. M; Rivas, C. T. de. 1936
106 Parasitic worms of equines in Panama. ANIMALS DOMESTIC, HORSE DISEASES, EQUINOS-Parásitos, ANIMALES DOMÉSTICOS, CABALLO-enfermedad Foster, A. O. 1936
107 The life cycle of laboratory bred Anopheles albimanus Wiedemann. ANOPHELES, LABORATORY TECHNIQUES, MOSQUITOS Rozeboom, L. E. 1936
108 Observations on chromatoid bodies in the cysts of Rntamoeba histolytica. ENTAMOEBA HISTOLYTICA, PARASITOSIS INTESTINALES, PROTOZOARIOS, CUERPOS CROMATOIDES Hakansson, E. G. 1936
109 La enfermedad de chagas en Panamá. TRYPANOSOMA, CHAGAS-Panamá Johnson, C. M; Rivas, C. T. de. 1936
110 Anopheles (Nyssorhynchus) anomalophyllus, a new species of Anopheles from Panama and Costa Rica (Diptera, Culicidae). ANOPHELES, MOSQUITOS Komp, W. H. W. 1936
111 Anopheles (Anopheles) chiriquiensis, a new species of Anopheles from Panama (Diptera, Culicidae). ANOPHELES-Panamá, MOSQUITOS Komp, W. H. W. 1936
112 The male and larva of Anopheles (Kerteszia) boliviensis Theobald (Diptera, Culicidae). ANOPHELES,MOSQUITOS Komp, W. H. W; Osorno, E. 1936
113 Leprosy in Panama: First thirty years of segregation. LEPROS,LEPRA- Panamá Anderson, H. H; Hurwitz, E. 1936
114 On a probable relationship between anemia and susceptibility to hookworm infection. HOOKWARMS, ANEMIA, ANQUILOSTOMA Foster, A. O. 1936
115 Parasites of equines in the Panama Canal zone. VETERINARY HELMINTHOLOGY, EQUINOS-parásitos, PANAMA CANAL ZONE Foster, A. O. 1936
116 Notes on north american Leptodeira. SNAKES, SERPIENTES, LEPTODEIRA Dunn, E. R. 1936
117 A quantitative study of the nematodes from a selected group of equines in Panama. ANIMALS DOMESTIC, HELMINTOS, HORSE DISEASES, NEMATODAS, VETERINARY HELMINTHOLOGY, ANIMALES DOMÉSTICOS, PARÁSITOS Foster, A. O. 1937
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120 Verminous aneurysm in equines of Panama. ANIMALS DOMESTIC, VETERINARY HELMINTHOLOGY, HORSE DISEASES, VERMINOUS ANEURYSM, EQUINOS-aneurisma verminoso, PANAMA Clark, H. C; Foster, A. O. 1937
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125 Notes on the identification of Anopheles pseudo punctipennis Theobald (Diptera, Culicidae). ANOPHELES, MOSQUITOS Komp, W. H. W. 1937
126 A new nematode Habronema clarki n. sp. (Spiruridae), from Hydrochoerus isthmus Goldman. NEMATODAS, HELMINTOS Chitwood, B. G; Foster, A. O. 1937
127 A further report on the parasites of a selected group of equines in Panama. HORSE DISEASES, ANIMALS DOMESTIC, ANIMALES DOMÉSTICOS, CABALLO-parásitos Foster, A. O; Ortíz, O. P. 1937
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134 The nomenclature of the thoracic sclerites in the Culicidae, and their setae. CULICIDAE, MOSQUITOS Komp, W. H. W. 1937
135 Identification of Anopheline of Panama. ANOPHELES-Panamá, MOSQUITOS, PANAMA Rozeboom, L. E. 1937
136 The occurrence of Trichostrongylus axei (Cobbold) in equines of Panama. HORSE DISEASES, TRICHOSTRONGYLOIDEA, ANIMALS DOMESTIC, ANIMALES DOMÉSTICOS, CABALLO-enfermedad Foster, A. O. 1937
137 The white cell picture in hookworm disease of dogs. ANIMALES DOMÉSTICOS, PERROS, DOGS, ANIMALS DOMESTIC Foster, A. O; Landsberg, J. W. 1937
138 Periodic ophthalmia. HORSE DISEASES, CABALLO- enfermedad Clark, H. C. 1937
139 Moon blidness (Periodic ophthalmia). A preliminary report. (A survey of thoroughbred horse of Virginia and Kentucky for recurrent ophthalmia). HORSE DISEASES, CABALLO- enfermedad Clark, H. C. 1937
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Yamitzel Zaldivar; Jorge A. Motta; Gregory A. Dasch
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1294 Mixed myiasis by Philornis glaucinis (Diptera: Muscidae), Sarcodexia lambens (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) and Lucilia eximia (Diptera: Calliphoridae) in Ramphocelus dimidiatus (Aves: Thraupidae) chicks in Panama DIPTERA, MUSCIDAE,SARCOPHAGIDAE,CALLIPHORIDAE,PHILORNIS GLAUCINIS, SARCODEXIA LAMBENS, LUCILIA EXIMIA Bermúdez, Sergio E., Buenaventura R., Eliana., Couri, Márcia, Miranda, Roberto J., Herrera,Jorge M. 2010
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1299 Strophaeus sebastiani,nueva especie de barychelidae (Araneae:Mygalomorphae) de panama ARANEAE,MYGALOMORPHAE,BARRYCHELIDAE,FIRST RECORD,SPERMATHECAE,PANAMA Miranda, Roberto J., Bermúdez, Sergio E. 2010
1300 Adiciones a la fauna panameña de esquizómidos (sschizomida:Hubbardiidae) SCHIZOMIDA, HUBBARDIIDAE,HANSENOCHRUS,STENOCHRUS,SURAZOMUS,TAXONOMY,CENTRAL AMERICA,PANAMA De Armas, Luis F., Víquez, Carlos, Miranda, Roberto 2010
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1305 Long-term effect of simple nest-box on the reproductive efficiency and other life traits of an Aotus lemurinus lemurinus monkey colony: an animal model for malaria research ANIMAL MODEL- AOTUS L. LEMURINUS-MALARIA-NON-HUMAN PRIMATES - REPRODUCTION Obaldía III, NicanorOtero, William, Marin, Camilo, Aparicio, Jorge, Cisneros, Gloria 2011
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1308 Report of lutzomyia longipalpis (lutz &Neiva, 1912) (Diptera: Psychodidae: phlebotominae) in a cutaneous-leishmaniasis-endemic area of Panamá LUTZOMYIA LONGIPALPIS, CUTANEOS LEISHMANIASIS, VISCERAL LEISHMANIASIS, LEISHMANIASIS VECTORS, PANAMA Valderrama, Anayansi, Gracia, Tavares, Andrade Filho, José Dilermando 2011
1309 Evaluación de la actividad tóxica de los insecticidas piretroides deltametrina y lambdacihalotrina en dos poblaciones de campo de Rhodnius pallescens (Hemíptera: Reduviidae) de Panamá RHODNIUS,INSECTICIDES/TOXICITY,INSECTICIDE RESISTANCE, CHAGAS DISEASE, PANAMA Lorenzo Cáceres, José R. Rovira, José Calzada, Azael Saldaña 2011
1310 2009 Influenza A (H1N1) in Panama: a disease affecting children with a benign course EPIDEMIOLOGY, PEDIATRIC, 2009 INFLUENCIA A  (H1N1), PANAMA Nieto-Guevara, J., Sosa, N., García, M., Martínez, A.  2011
1311 Primer reporte de pseudomiasis intestinal humana por Eristalis tenax (Diptera, Syrphidae) en zona semiárida urbana del estado Falcón, Venezuela PSEUDOMIASIS, INTESTINAL,ERISTALIS TENAX, SEMIÁRIDO, VENEZUELA Cazorla, D., Morales, P., Acosta, M., Bermúdez, SE.  2011
1312 Epidemiology of meningococcal disease in the Panamanian pediatric population 1998-2008 EPIDEMIOLOGY, CHILDREN, NEISSERIA MENINGITIDIS, SEROGROUP, PANAMA Nieto-Guevara, J., Luciani, K., Montesdeoca-Melián, Mateos, M 2011
1313 Incidence rate for Hantavirus infections without pulmonary syndrome, Panama HATAVIRUS, BUNYAVIRIDAE, EPIDEMIOLOGY, HANTAVIRUS PULMONARY SYNDROME, VIRUSES, PANAMA, DISPATCH Armien, B., Pascale, J., Muñoz, C., Lee, S., Choi, K., Ávila, M., Broce, C., Armien, A., Gracia, F., Hjelle, B., Koster, F 2011
1314 Rocky Mountain spotted fever in Panama: a cluster description RICKETTSIA RICKETTSIA, CLUSTER ANALYSIS, ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPOTTED FEVER, PREGNANCY, CENTRAL AMERICA, PANAMA Tribaldos, M., Zaldívar, Y., Bermúdez, SE., Samudio, F., Mendoza, Y., Martínez, A 2011
1315 De mascotas exóticas y turístas:nuevas oportunidades para la introducción de ectoparásitos en Panamá INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL, EXOTIC PET TRADE, ECTOPARASITES, PANAMA Bermúdez, Sergio E. , Miranda C, Roberto 2011
1316 Rickettsial infection in domestic mammals and their ectoparasites in El Valle de Antón, Coclé Panamá TICK AND FLEA-BORNE DISEASES, RICKETTSIA, EMERGING DISEASES, IFA, MOLECULAR BIOLOGY,BLOOD SAMPLES, PANAMA Bermúdez, Sergio, Zaldivar, Yamitzel, Spolidorio, Mariana G., Moraes-Filho, Jonas, Miranda, Roberto J. Caballero, Carlos M. Mendoza, Yaxelis, Labruna, Marcelo B. 2011
1317 Determinación de la resistencia a insecticidas organofosforados, carbamatos y piretrides en tres poblaciones de Anopheles albimanus (Diptera culicidae) de Panamá. ANOPHELES, INSECTICIDE RESISTANCE, INSECTICIDES, DISEASE VECTORS, INSECTICIDES ORGANOPHOSPHATE, CARBAMATES Caceres, L.Rovira, J., García, A., Torres, R. 2011
1318 Distribution of ectoparasites of canis lupus familiaris L. (carnivora: canidae) from Panamá DOGS, ECTOPARASITES, PANAMA Bermúdez, Sergio, Miranda, Roberto 2011
1319 Beginning of personalized medicine in Panama: Molecular and pathological characteristics of gastrointestinal stromal tumors from archival paraffin-embedded tissue. GASTROINTESTINAL STROMAL TUMORS, C-KIT,PDGFRA,Panamá,PERSONALIZED MEDICINE Mendoza, Yaxelis, Singh, Carlos, Castillo Mewa, Juan, Fonseca, Evelise, Smith, Rebeca, Pascale, Juan M. 2011
1320 Encuesta Nacional de Salud Sexual y Reproductiva SALUD REPRODUCTIVA,PLANIFICACIÓN FAMILIAR,SALUD MATERNA,PANAMA De Leon Richardson, Ruth Graciela Ruth Graciela, Martínez García, Ligia, Chu  V., Mendoza Q., Alba I.,Chamorro Mojica, Fermina, Poveda, Carlos, Alvarez, Aralys Y., Flores, Castro, Haydee, Sandoval Cedeño, Iris del carmen, Rodríguez Díaz, Faride Esther 2011
1322 Global patterns of stream detritivore species richness: implications for biodiversity loss in changing climates DETRITUS,DIVERSITY,GUILD, LATITUDINAL, GRADIENT,LEAF LITTER,SHREDDERS,SPECIES RICHNESS, STREAM ECOSYSTEMS, TROPHIC DIVERSITY Boyero L, Pearson RG, Dugeon D., Ferreira V, Boulton AJ, Graca M. Chauvet E. Cornejo, A, et al 2011
1323 Prospects for malaria elimination in non-Amazonian regions of Latin America MALARIA, PLASMODIUM FALCIPARUM, PLASMODIUM VIVAX, ANOPHELES MOSQUITOES, VECTOR CONTROL, EPIDEMIOLOGY, MALARIA ELIMINATION, MALARIA PATHOGENESIS, NON-AMAZON REGIONS,LATIN AMERICA Herrera S, Quiñones ML, Quintero JP, Corredor V, Fuller DO, Mateus JC, Calzada JE, Gutierrez JB, Llanos A, Soto E, Menendez C, Wu Y, Alonso P, Carrasquilla G,Galinski M, Beier JC, Arévalo-Herrera M.  2011
1324 Global distribution of a key trophic guild contrasts with common latitudinal diversity patterns

1325 A global experiment suggests climate warming will not accelerate litter decomposition in streams but might reduce carbon sequestration. CARBON CYCLE, CLIMATE CHANGE, DETRITIVORES, GLOBAL ANALYSIS , LATITUDINAL GRADIENT, LITTER DESCOMPOSITION, MICROBIAL DECOMPOSERS, STREAMS, TEMPERATURE Boyero, L. Pearson Rg, Gessner, Mo, Barmuta L., Ferreira, V., Gracia, M.Dudgeon, D Cornejo, A. et al 2011
1326 Evaluación de la actividad tóxica de los insecticidas piretroides deltametrina y lambdacihalotrina en dos poblaciones de campo de Rhodnius pallescens (Hemíptera: Reduviidae) de Panamá. RHODNIUS, INSECTICIDAS/TOXICIDAD, RESISTENCIA A LOS INSECTICIDAS, ENFERMEDAD DE CHAGAS, PANAMA Cáceres, L., Rovira, R., Calzada, J., Saldaña, A 2011
1327 Detección de Rickettsia spp. por métodos moleculares e inmunológicos en El Valle de Antón, Coclé, Panamá. RICkETTSIA-Valle de Antón-Coclé- Panamá Bermúdez, SE., Miranda, R., Zaldívar, Y., Lyons, C., García, G., Spolindorio, M., Moraes-Filho, J., Labruna, M 2011
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1329 Prospects for malaria elimination in non-Amazonian regions of Latin America MALARIA,  PLASMODIUM FALCIPARUM,  PLASMODIUM VIVAX, ANOPHELES MOSQUITOES, VECTOR CONTROL,  EPIDEMIOLOGY ,MALARIA ELIMINATION, MALARIA PATHOGENESIS, NON-AMAZON REGIONS, LATIN AMERICA Herrera S, Quiñones ML, Quintero JP, Corredor V, Fuller DO, Mateus JC, Calzada JE, Gutiérrez JB, Llanos A, Soto E, Menéndez C, Wu Y, Alonso P, Carrasquilla G,Galinski M, Beier JC, Arévalo-Herrera M 2011
1330 HIV transmitted resistance drug resistance in adult and pediatric populations in Panama. HIV-1, drug resistence, INFECTIOUS DISEASE TRANSMISSION, VERTICAL, PROTEASE INHIBITORS, ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY, HIGHLY ACTIVE, PANAMA Castillo J, Arteaga G, Mendoza Y, Martínez AA, Samaniego R, Estripeaut D, Page KR, Smith RE, Sosa N, Pascale JM.  2011
1331 Plasmodium falciparum parasites are killed by a transition state analogue of purine nucleoside phosphorylase in a primate animal model PLASMODIUM FALCIPARUM, MALARIA Cassera, M., Hazleton, K., Merino, E., Obaldia, N. 3rd, Ho, M., Murkin, A., Depinto, R., Gutierrez, J., Almo, S., Evans, G., Babu, Y., Schramm, V.  2011
1332 Calliphoridae (Insecta: Diptera) de Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá, con énfasis en la distribución actual del género Chrysomyia Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 CALLIPHORIDAE, CHRYSOMYIA, SINANTROPIA, PANAMA Buitrago Y, Miranda R, Bermúdez SE 2011
1333 Estimation of the mortality caused by diabetes mellitus in Panama and its relationship to gender and cardiovascular risk factors INVESTIGAR SI ES POSTER O PUBLICACION  Motta J, Gordón C, Gómez B, Castillo E, Herrera V.  2011
1334 Prevalencia de factores de riesgo asociaados a enfermedad cardiovascular (prefrec) en la población adulta de 18 años y mas. Provincias de Panamá y Colón ENFERMEDAD CARDIOVASCULAR-prevalencia de los factores de riesgo, PANAMA McDonald, Anselmo, Roa, Reina,Fontes, Flavia, Batista, Irvin, Lay de Ureña, Lyda, Mann Yi, Manuel 2012
1335 Description of a new species of bat-associated argasid tick (Acari: Argasidae) from Brazil TICK,  ACARI: ARGASIDAE, BRAZIL Dantas-Torres F, Venzal JM, Bernardi LF, Ferreira RL, Onofrio VC, Marcili A, Bermúdez SE, Ribeiro AF, Barros-Battesti DM, Labruna MB.  2012
1336 Detección de Rickettsia spp. en ectoparásitos de animales domésticos y silvestres de la Reserva Natural Privada Cerro Chucantí y comunidades aledañas, Panamá RICKETTSIA, VECTORES DE ENFERMEDADES, ANIMSLES DOMESTICOS, ANILALES SALVAJES, BIOLOGIA MOLECULAR, PANAMA  Bermúdez SE, Miranda R, Zaldívar Y, González P, Berguido G, Trejos D, Pascale, J., Labruna 2012
1337 Use of multiplex allele-specific polymerase chain reaction (MAS-PCR) to detect multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Panama MAS-PCR, MDR-TB,  TUBERCULOSIS, PANAMA  Chia Bing-Shao., Lanzas F, Rifat D, Herrera A, Kim E, Sailer C,Torres-Chavolla E, Narayanaswamy P, Einarsson V, Bravo J, Pascale J M, Loerger T, Sacchettini J, Karakousis 2012
1338 Decrypting the mitochondrtial gene pool of modern panamanians PANAMANIANS- Origin,  PANAMA Perego U. Lancioni, H, Tribaldos M, Angerhofer N, Ekins J, Olivieri A, Woodward S, Pascale JM, Cooke R, Motta J 2012
1339 Myiasis by philornis spp. (diptera: Muscidae) in dendroica castanea (aves: parulidae) in Panamá. MIASIS, PANAMA, DENDROICA CASTANEA, PHILORNIS Herrera, Jorge M., Bermúdez, Sergio E. 2012
1340 Determinación de la sensibilidad a insecticidas organofosforados, carbamato y piretroides en poblaciones de Aedes aegypti Linneaus, 1762 (Díptera: Culicidae) de Panamá AEDES, CONTROL DE VECTORES, INSECTICIDAS ORGANOFOSFORADOS, CARBAMATOS L Cáceres, J Rovira, R Torres, García, A 2012
1341 Caracterización de la transmisión de la malaria por Plasmodium vivax en la región fronteriza de Panamá con Costa Rica en el Municipio de Barú, Panamá ANOPHELES, MALARIA/PREVENCIONY CONTROL, PARASITEMIA, PLASMODIUM VIVAX, VECTORES DE ENFERMEDADES, CONTROL, SIGNOS Y SINTOMAS, CLOROQUINA, PRIMAQUINA L Cáceres, J Rovira, R Torres, A García, J Calzada, De La Cruz C 2012
1342 Evaluation of PCR for cutaneous leishmaniasis diagnosis and species identification using filter paper samples in Panama, Central America LEISHMANIASIS, LEISHMANIASIS PANAMENSIS,DIAGNOSIS,PCR,FILTER PAPER,PANAMA Miranda A; Calzada JE.  2012
1343 Ticks (Ixodida) on humans from central Panamá, Panamá (2010-2011).  TICK, ENVIRONMENTS, HUMAN, PANAMA Bermúdez SE, Castro A, Esser H, Liefting Y, García G, Miranda, RJ 2012
1344 Reciprocal tripartite interactions between the Aedes aegypti midgut microbiota, innate immune system and dengue virus influence vector competence. DENGUE VIRUS, AEDES AEGYPTI Ramírez J, Souza-Neto J, Torres R, Rovira J, Ortiz A, Pascale J, Dimopoulos G.  2012
1345 Personalized Medicine for Cancer in the Developing World. In Biotechnology and Pharmacy INDIVIDUALIZED MEDICINE, GENETIC TESTING, MEDICAL ONCOLOGY, DEVELOPING WORLD, PANAMA Smith RE, Pascale JM.  2012
1346 Comparación entre Histopatología y PCR para diagnóstico de Leishmaniasis tegumentaria LEISHMANISIS, BIOPSIA, PARAFINA, PATOLOGIA, REACCION EN CADENA DE LA POLIMERASA Ríos J, Saldaña A,  Clazada j., Arias J, Díaz R, González K. 2012
1347 Global patterns of stream detritivore distribution: implications for biodiversity loss in changing climates DETRITUS,  DIVERSITY,  GUILD,  LATITUDINAL GRADIENT,  LEAF LITTER,  SHREDDERS,  SPECIES RICHNESS, STREAM, ECOSYSTEMS, TROPHIC DIVERSITY Boyero L, Pearson RG, Dudgeon D, Ferreira V, Graça MAS, Boulton AJ, Chauvet E, Yule CM, Albariño RJ, Ramírez A, Helson J, Callisto M, Arunachalam M, Chará J, Figueroa R, Mathooko JM, Gonçalves JF Jr, Moretti MS, Chará AM, Davies JN, Encalada A, Lamothe S, Buria LM, Castela J, Cornejo A, Li AOY, M’Erimba C, Villanueva VD, Zúñiga MC, Swan C and Barmuta LA. 2012
1348 Molecular diagnosis of Echovirus 30 as the etiological agent in an outbreak of aseptic meningitis in Panamá. POR PUBLICAR - YA PAGADO Martinez A, Castillo J, Sanchez MC, Zaldívar Y, Mendoza Y, Tribaldos M, Acosta  P, Smith RE, Pascale JM.  2012
1349 Current status of Amblyomma ovale (Acari: Ixodidae) in Panama. ECTOPARASITES, DISTRIBUTON, HOSTS, AMBLYOMMA OVALE, PANAMA
 Murgas I, Castro A, Bermúdez S.
1350 High genetic diversity and predominance of Rhinovirus A and C from Panamanian hospitalized children under five years with respiratory infections. RHINOVIRUS, PANAMA, GENETIC DIVERSITY Danilo Franco, Leyda Abrego, Maria Cano, Marlene Castillo, Celedonio Castillo, Juan Castilo, Juan M. Pascale, Juan Arbiza 2012
1351  Molecular typing of Panamanian human adenovirus isolates collected between 2008 and 2011 (PENDIENTE) Celedonio Castillo, Leyda Abrego, Marlene Castillo, Danilo Franco, María Cano, Juan Castillo, Juan M Pascale, Adriana Kajon, Juan Arbiza.  2012
1352 A New Endemic Focus of Chagas Disease in the Northern Region of Veraguas Province, Western Half Panama, Central America CHAGAS DISEASES,  PANAMA, CENTRAL AMERICA, SALUD PUBLICA  Saldaña A, Pineda V, Martínez I, Santamaría G, Santamaría A, Miranda, A, Calzada J 2012
1353 Successful public health response to four cases of imported measles in Panama MEASLES, INFECTIOUS DISEASE OUTBREAKS, COMMUNICABLE DISEASE CONTROL,TRAVEL MEDICINE Néstor Sosa, Ilka Guerra, Leyda Abrego, Julio Cisneros, Juan Castillo, Javier Nieto, Carlos Gálvez Yadira Moltó, Rebecca E Smith, Juan Miguel Pascale 2012
1354 Simple, specific molecular typing of Dengue virus isolates using one-step RT-PCR and restriction fragment length polymorphism DENGUE,  FLAVIVIRUS, PANAMA, DIAGNOSTICS AND PROCEDURES, POLYMERASE CHAIN REACTION, POLYMORPHISM, RESTRICTION FRAGMENT LENGTH  Ortiz, A. Capitan Z, Mendoza Y, Cisneros J, Moreno B, Zaldivar Y, Garcia M, Smith R, Motta J, Pascale JM.  2012
1355 Prevalence of HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections and Factors Associated with Syphilis among Female Sex Workers in Panama. HIV-prevalence, SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS, SYPHILIS-sex workers in Panama . Hakre S, Arteaga G, Núñez AE, Bolen A, Villarroel M, Peel SA, Paz-Bailey, G, Scott PT, Pascale JM,  2012
1356 Scorpionism in Central America, with special reference to the case of Panamá. SCORPIONISM, CENTRAL AMERICA, TITYUS, CENTRUROIDES, SCORPIONS Borges A, Miranda R, Pascale JM 2012
1357 Therapeutic Armamentarium and Health System Coverage of Multiple Sclerois in Latin America MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS-Latin America  Gracia, Fernando, Armien, Blas 2012
1358 Serologic evidence of human Rickettsia infection found in three locations in Panamá. RICKETTSIACEAE INFECTIONS, IMMUNOGLOBULIN G., DISEASE OUTBREAKS, EPIDEMIOLOGY, PANAMA Bermúdez SE*, Lyons C, García G, Zaldívar Y, Gabster A, Arteaga G 2012
1359 Host life history strategy, species diversity, and habitad influence trypanosoma cruzi vector infection in changing landscapes ENFERMEDAD DE CHAGAS, TRYPANOSOMA CRUZI,  RHODNIUS PALLESCENS,  INGESTA SANGUINEA ,  ALTERACIÓN DE PASISAJE Gottdenker, Nicole, Chaves, Luis Fernando, Calzada, José E., Saldaña, Azael, Carroll, Ronald 2012
1360 Two pathogens and one disease: Detection and identification of flea-borne rickettsiae in areas endemic for murine typhus in california FLEA-BORNE RICKETTSIOSIS, RICKETTSIA TYPHI, RICKETTSIA FELIS, FLEA, OPOSSUM MARINA E. EREMEEVA,1,2,3 SANDOR E. KARPATHY,1,3,4 LAURA KRUEGER,5 ERICA K. HAYES,1
1361 Impact of Rotavirus vaccination on childhood gastroenteritis-related mortality and Hospital Discharges in Panama GASTROENTERITIS,ROTAVIRUS VACCINE, GASTROENTERITIS-RELATED DEATHS,GASTROENTE Bayard, Vicente, De Antonio, Rodrigo, Contreras, Rodolfo, Tinajero, Olga, Castrejon, María Mercedes, Ortega-Barría, Eduardo, Colindres, Romulo E. 2012
1362 Educational impact of peer-intervention on the knowledge and attitudes about HOV/AIDS in adolescents in Panama. Educación /Adolescentes/HIV/Panamá Aramburu, María, Estripeaut, Dora, Bayard, Vicente 2012
1363 Randomized, Double-Blinded, Phase 2 Trial of WR 279,396 (Paromomycin and Gentamicin) for Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Panama Ensayos clínicos/Leishmaniasis cutánea/Panamá 1. Sosa N, Capitán Z, Nieto J, Nieto M,  Calzada J.E, Paz H., Carmenza Spadafora, Mara Kreishman-Deitrick, Karen Kopydlowski, Diane Ullman, William F. McCarthy, Janet Ransom, Jonathan Berman, Charles Scott, and Max Grogl. 2013
1364 Page K. A Novel Educational Strategy Targeting Health Care Workers in Underserved Communities in Central America to Integrate HIV into Primary Medical Care. Estrategias de Salud/Atención Primaria/AméricaCentral Flys T, González R, Sued O, Suarez Conejero J, Kestler E, Sosa N, McKenzie-White J, Monzón II, Torres CR,  2013
1365 Meningococcal polysaccharide A O-acetylation level does not impact the immunogenicity of the quadrivalent meningococcal tetanus toxoid conjugate vaccine (MenACWY-TT): results from a randomized, controlled Phase III study in healthy adults aged 18-25 years. Ensayos Clínicos/Vacunas/Meningitis Lupisan S, Limkittikul K, Sosa N, Chanthavanich P, Bianco V, Baine Y, Van der Wielen M, Miller JM.  2013
1366 Pharmacokinetics and Absorption of Paromomycin and Gentamicin from Topical Creams Used to Treat Cutaneous leishmaniasis. Ensayos Clínicos/Tratamiento/Leishmaniasis cutánea Ravis WR, Llanos-Cuentas A, Sosa N, Kreishman-Deitrick M, Kopydlowski KM, Nielsen C, Smith KS, Smith PL, Ransom JH, Lin YJ, Grogl M.  2013
1367 Long-term Renal and Neurological Outcomes among Survivors of Diethylene Glycol Poisoning DIETHYLENE GLYCOL POISONING/DISFUNCION RENAL C. Laura, S. James, Kieszak, S, Sabogal R, Sanchez C.,Flanders D,Tulloch F, Victoria G, Rodriguez G, Sosa N, McGeehin M, Schier J. 2013
1368 Clinical Study Decrease in Hospitalizations for Pneumonia in Children under Five Years of Age in an Indian Reservation in Panama after the Introduction of the Heptavalent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV7). HEPTAVALENT-PNEUMOCOCCAL CONJUGATE/VACUNA/NIÑOS INDIGENAS/PNEUMONIA/PANAMA Nieto J, Carlos Daza, and Smith R 2013
1369 Mortality and Long-Term Virologic Outcomes in Children and Infants Treated with Lopinavir/Ritonavir LIPONAVIR/RITONAVIR/MORTALIDAD/NIÑOS/PANAMA Estripeaut D, Mosser J, Doherty M, Acosta W, Shah H, Castaño E, Luciani K, Pascale J.M, Bollinger RC,  2013
1370 Evaluación por Nefelometría de las cadenas ligeras Kappa libres en líquido cefalorraquídeo en pacientes sospechosos de Esclerosis múltiple ESCLEROSIS MÚLTIPLE/NEFELOMETRÍA Arteaga G, Armien B, Gracia F, Castillo L, Mojica D, Pascale JM: 2013
1371 Valor de neopterina e índice cd4/npt como marcadores pronóstico de SIDA en pacientes VIH positivos CD4/VIH/SIDA/NEOPTERINA Mojica D, Armien B, Castillo J, Ortega M, Pascale JM 2013
1372 Molecular characterisation of hepatitis B virus in the resident Chinese population in Panamá City. EHEPATITIS B; PANAMA; BAYESTIAN ANALYSIS; GENOTYPE C1; GENOTYPE B2 Martínez A, Zaldivar Y, Chen Ch Hong, Mónica Viviana Alvarado-Mora, Smith R,  Ortiz A, João Renato Rebello Pinho, Juan Cristina, Pascale JM. 2013
1373 Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Panama is driven by clonal expansion of an MDR-TB strain related to the KZN XDR-TB strain from South Africa. TUBERCULOSIS/MULTIDRUG-RESISTENCIA/SOUTH AFRICA/PANAMA/MDR Lanzas F, Karakousis PC, Sacchettini JC, Ioerger TR. 2013
1374 Molecular Epidemiology of HIV-1 in Panamá: origin of non-B subtypes in samples collected from 2007 to 2013 EPIDEMIOLOGIA MOLECULAR/HIV/PANAMA Mendoza Y, Bello G, Mewa JC., Martínez A., González C, Claudia García-Morales, Santiago Ávila-Ríos, Gustavo Reyes-Terán, Pascale JM: 2013
1375 Ticks (Acari: Ixodidae, Argasidae) of Coyotes in Panamá. Garrapatas/coyotes/Panamá Bermúdez SE, González D, García G. 2013
1376 First report of Geckobiella stamii (Acari: Pterygosomatidae) parasitizing Iguana iguana (Squamata: Iguanidae) in Panamá. IGUANA/PANAMA/GECKOBIELLA STAMII Murgas D, Dutary SR, Miranda RJ. 2013
1377 A new species of Neocteniza (Araneae: Idiopidae) from Coiba island, Panama, with observations on parasitism by euplaniceps varia bradley, 1944 (hymenoptera: pompilidae) Neocteniza/Nueva Especie/Coiba/Panama Miranda RJ, Arizala S, Cambra R.  2013
1378 First report of phoresy by an oribatid mite (Trhypochthoniidae: Archegozetes magnus) on a frog (Leptodactylidae: Engystomops pustulosus). PHORESY/PANAMA/ARCHEGOZETES MAGNUS/TÚNGARA FROG/ENGYSTOMOPS PUSTULOSUS Beaty L, Esser H, Miranda RJ, Norton RD 2013
1379 Description of new Dermacentor Koch (Acari: Ixodidae) species, a parasite of wild mammals in Central America Demacentorpanamensis/Nueva Especie/AméricaCentral Apanaskevich D, Bermudez SE. 2013
1380 Some ecological aspects of free-living Haemaphysalis juxtakochi Cooley, 1946 (Acari: Ixodidae) in Panama Haemaphysalisjuxtakochi/EcologíaFases de VidaLibre/Panama Garcia G, Castro A, Bermúdez SE, Nava S. 2013
1381 Reporte de larvas de Ornithodoros puertoricensis Fox 1947 parasitando a Rhinella marina (L. 1758) (Anura: Bufonidae) -en David, Chiriquí, Panamá Ornithodorospuertoricensis/SapoComún/David/Panama Bermúdez SE, Miranda RJ, Kadoch N. 2013
1382 Depredación de coyotes (Canis latrans) (Carnivora: Canidae) en animales de producción en Los Santos, Panamá. Coyotes/Depredación/LosSantos/Panamá Bermúdez SE, González P.  2013
1383 Notas preliminares sobre enemigos naturales de Rhipicephalus sanguineus s.l. (Latreille 1806) (Ixodida: Ixodidae) en condiciones urbanas y rurales de Panamá Rhipicephalus sanguineus/EnemigosNaturales/Panamá Miranda RJ, Kadoch N, Bermúdez SE. 2013
1384 Phylogeographic of the Lutzomyia gomezi (Diptera: Phlebotominae) on the Panama Isthmus Lutzomyia gomezi/Filogeografía/Panamá Valderrama A, Filho J, Tavares M 2013
1385 Clinical cutaneous leishmaniasis rates are associated with household Lutzomyia gomezi, Lu. Panamensis, and Lu. trapidoi Abundance in Trinidad de Las Minas, Western Panama LeishmaniasisCutánea/Vectores/Capira/Panama Saldaña A, Luis F. Chaves, Rigg C, Wald C, Smucker J.E, and Calzada, JE 2013
1386 Conocimientos y factores de riesgos relacionados con la enfermedad de chagas en dos comunidades Panameñas donde rhodnius pallescens es el vector principal Chagas/Riesgos/Educación/Panamá Hurtado LA, Calzada JE, Pineda V, González K, Santamaría AM, Cáceres L,  Wald C y Saldaña A 2013
1387 Enteric parasites and enter aggregative escherichia coli in children from Cañazas country, Veraguas province, Panamá ESCHERICHIA COLIi/NIÑOS/CAÑAZAS/VERAGUAS/PANAMA Gutiérrez EJ, Pineda V, Calzada JE, Richard L. Guerrant, Jones Barbosa Lima Neto, Relana Pinkerton Fitzgerald, Saldaña A 2013
1388 Molecular diagnosis and species identification of Ehrlichia and Anaplasma infections in dogs from Panamá, Central America Ehrliquiosis canina/PCR/Panamá Santamaria, AM., Calzada JE, A. Saldaña, M.J. Yabsley, N.L 2013
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